RE: block internet at two workstations

From: Bermingham, Bob (
Date: 05/06/03

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    Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 11:16:16 -0700
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    You could assign a static IP and set the default gateway to an address
    that doesn't exist. That way, the machine could communicate locally, but
    couldn't go out to the internet.

    If the user is knowledgeable, obviously it would be easy to get
    around...but it is a simple and cheap solution.

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    Subject: block internet at two workstations

    I'm working with a small (10 user network) with a netgear FVS318
    firewall, accessing the internet via cable modem.. The client wants to
    block internet access at two workstations. I don't see anything
    available within the firewall documentation/configuration that would
    address this. What is the best and easiest way to do this ...easy and
    best may be a contradiction :-)

    Bermingham, Bob -

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