Re: Home users with VPN connections

From: Chris Berry (
Date: 03/19/03

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    From: "Chris Berry" <>
    Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 10:34:34 -0800

    >From: "James Lee Gromoll" <>
    > If you are going to have home users VPN'd to your net, then the easiest
    >and cleanest way to do that is to set up the home machine with a removable
    >HD bay. Provide a 'company' drive and let the home user provide his own for
    >home use. Set his 'company' drive up how you like, lock down the OS and
    >give him the normal user access he would have at a company workstation.
    >This is about $100 per workstation.

    I think that's probably the best solution I've heard to that problem.
    Simple, cheap, and effective, I like it. The user will grumble about having
    to reboot to access company resources, but that's acceptable. Question
    though, how are you going to handle it if they have a complicated home
    setup, or if they change their internet connection?

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