RE: Any good method to check network overload?

Date: 03/11/03

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    Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 15:04:26 -0600
    From: "JAVIER OTERO" <>
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    First you must define the problem:
    What is network overload? It can be a lot of diferent situations, the most common: bad response time, Ok it is bad response time.

    Second: what is the origin of bad response time. No easy answer, a lot of diferent sources and incredible combinations of this. Do you use hub or switch?, 10, 100 of faster speed, optic fiber?, the routers?, noise in lines? .............., each one affects diferent.

    3.-Try to put in a good algorithm, maybe use some queue teory, statics with some variables (`00) and diferent samples with a know result for compare, adjust, repeat and again.

    It is no easy, is very similar to server overload.

    If you can do it and make this a general algorithm you can make a lot of money

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