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From: Mike Powell (
Date: 02/25/03

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    From: "Mike Powell" <>
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    Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 19:52:59 -0000

    I use Smoothwall (, a version of which is free for
    non-profit use and can be up and running from start of installation to
    running and configured in about 6 minutes(!). I recommend version GPL 1.0
    which is currently stable and includes VPN, port forwarding, web
    proxy/cache, intrusion detection, DHCP, DMZ, works with ethernet or cable
    modems and is configurable through a web interface. Brilliant! And no, I
    don't work for the company ;-)

    It's based on Linux kernel 2.2 (unstable version 2.0 is based on kernel 2.4)
    and VPN uses freeswan which is interoperable with many serious firewalls.

    Can't recommend it enough . . .



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    I'm a home user rather new to firewalls. I have a spare pc I want to use
    as a firewall machine for our local lan of 2 workstations w/cable modem.
    I'm wanting a linux/unix flavor os for the firewall system. Would I be
    better off using a stripped down os that is tailored for firewall
    machines or something like redhat/freebsd? Would would anyone suggestion
    as a starting place to learn.