RE: tools used to examine a computer

From: Tim V - DZ (
Date: 02/25/03

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    From: "Tim V - DZ " <>
    To: <>
    Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 14:06:58 -0600

    Probably looking for something like


    is Disney World the only People Trap operated by a mouse?

    > Go to and get the Unix Utils
    > will include dd and netcat for Windows

    SysInternals? Could you provide a more explicit link?
     I'm pretty familiar w/ the SysInternals site, and I'm
    even looking there now...and I can't find these Unix
    Utils you're mentioning.

    > Now when you cd into the /NTPartition directory you
    > will see all the files from your NT machine. Yes
    > inclusing the sam files etc.

    Now, the big question is...once you've got all of
    these files on the Linux system, what tools do you use
    to view the contents of some of the binary
    files...such as the Registry?

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