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Date: 02/20/03

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    Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 09:11:12 -0000
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    I had not added anything to this discussion because as you have said it
    can be talked to death. But yesterday I saw an article about passwords
    and thought I would pass it on because it really is a daring stand the
    author has taken. But I saw the article in hard copy and when I went to
    search for it I found several articles under the same heading


    All these articles talk about biometrics and pki etc, but essentially
    various forms of phasing out the user entered password. I would be
    interested in what this forums general concensis is on that line of

    This is not my line of thinking nor do I have a project in the working
    to provide more details on a possible implementation or environment,
    number of users, costings etc. It is the concept that I am interested
    in getting feedback on just out of curiosity.

    Many thanks

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    That's it??? Arguments can be made for changing passwords from between
    and 90 days. Each argument has valid points which I will not elaborate
    on again since it's been beaten to death. 30 to 90 is fine but you need
    to make sure there is complexity involved. The harder the complexity
    the more valid the argument for 90 days so users won't be tempted to
    write it down. I wouldn't exceed more than 90 ever but I prefer 30. A
    combination of Capital and lowercase letters, Numbers and Symbols.
    Require 3 out of the 4 minimum. Make a minimum length of 7. If you are
    using LANMan make it 7 not 8 since 7 is harder to crack for LANMan
    other reasons that I also won't go into. You should have a password
    history as well. I prefer 12 so that people can slightly change the
    password to be Passw0rd1, Passw0rd2, .... Run enforcement onthese
    policies and run password checkers to verify.

    IMHO, 30 days is best. I've had 30 days with these rules and users are
    fine. At first people tend to kick and scream but if you reduce the
    times in increments of say 15 days every 3 months people don't notice
    the difference.

    Good Password - N0t*N0w, Abs0lutely%,
    Bad Password - tuxedo, names, birthdates, License plates, names, pets,
    anything in a dictionary (incl foreign languages, klingon, etc.),
    anything identifiable or guessable about a person, phone #'s, etc.

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    > Hello all,
    > one of the favorite subjects in my company seems to be the
    > strength of passwords. We force our users to change their
    > mail password every 90 days. Does this make sense? Why?
    > --
    > ullmic

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