RE: Question about dmz security

From: Marc Suttle (
Date: 02/17/03

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    From: Marc Suttle <>
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    Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 11:25:43 -0600

    You could have a dedicated nick on the dmz going to a dedicated nick on the
    internal network. However I would just recommend you disable that nick and
    put the traffic rules you need on the firewall for the dmz to internal.


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    That's definitely a security risk because that system essentially
    bypasses your firewall altogether. You are right in your suggestion.

    Jennifer Fountain wrote:
    > I need an opinion on a current design implementation in place. We have
    > an ftp server sitting in our dmz. This box has two nics - one is
    > plugged into the dmz hub and one is plugged into our network. I think
    > this is a security risk and we should just allow internal users access
    > to the box via the firewall by opening the port instead of having dual
    > nics. they do not see a security risk. maybe i am just too new at this
    > and need some education. what is the "best" way to implement this
    > configuration?
    > Thank you
    > Jenn Fountain

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