RE: adware showing up

From: Taylor, Bud (
Date: 02/05/03

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     or go to and download thier free ad-aware tool...does a good
    job at ridding PC's of advertisers.

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    From: John Canty
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    Subject: RE: adware showing up

    Try uninstalling any new programs such as gator (gag), or hotbar is a
    good one for this. Hotbar has caused me more problems than any other
    program that I have ever seen. That's just one company I would love to
    see pull an Enron.

    Sometimes these things just get installed as programs just like any
    other, I would check that.


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    From: Bev Williams []
    Sent: Monday, February 03, 2003 2:25 PM
    Subject: adware showing up

    I just had a call from an employee that said he has adware showing up on
    print window in the office programs like excel and word.

    I went back there to check and, sure enough, there were ads for Norton
    firewall, EasyCD, etc. on the window where you click "OK" to print.

    Anyone heard of this or have any idea how to get rid of it? AdAware
    find the "malware."