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Date: 01/31/03

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    Have a look at the books "Hacker Challenge" 1 and 2. They detail actual
    cases and are an excellent read. Should have what you are looking for.

    Details here

    Hope this helps

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    You might want to look at "Secrets and Lies : Digital
    Security in a Networked World" By Bruce Schneier.

    Even though it does not specificaly cover the risks of forwarding email
    from a corporate account to a personal account such as AOL or Yahoo, it
    does cover how a lot of the need to mantain security for communications.
    It sounds like you are facing a classic problem I have seen with many
    managers, ignorance to security and how it can affect there ability to
    keep there jobs.

    > Does anybody know a good internet source of actual
    > security related real
    > life cases? I know that it's a risk to forward
    > corporate mail to
    > internet e-mail account like AOL or gmx. But I need
    > a case like "in
    > january 2001 the aol accounts of xyz got cracked and
    > a lot of
    > confidential data was published by some hackers on
    > the internet" to
    > convince a manager who thinks the risk is just
    > theoretical and nothing
    > ever happened. I would like to have such stories for different threats
    > (no remote access via modem, no weak passwords, no
    > unenecrypted data on
    > laptops,...). In my opinion the stories in the book
    > "Tangled Web" are
    > just a starting point (some of them are not easy
    > enough for managers).
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