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Date: 01/24/03

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    I looked into this a few years back and was told to figure out what
    yearly salary I'd like, accounting for my area's cost of living and the
    cost of health care, retirement, etc., unless the agency offers
    benefits. Divide this salary number by 2000 and you come up with the
    approximate hourly rate to shoot for.

    For example, if you need $100,000 to live on, then $50 an hour should be

    Hope this helps.

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    Does anyone know what the hourly contract rate is for a Sr. IT Auditor
    15+ years experience? I have had some agencies call me and ask me if I
    15+ want
    to work as an Sr. IT Auditor for about $50 an hour on short term
    (i.e. about 6 months). Is this a good rate or am I being low balled?

    What rate do IT Security Consultants with a CISSP get?...seems to me I
    should get about the same. Anybody know of any web sites that list
    rates for security or audit people?

    Please note that I am not asking how much a client companies
    I know that an agency gets about 30-50% cut. I am asking what is the
    amount that would go into my pocket


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