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Date: 01/15/03

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    Why Win2k on every station? You could run terminals that communicate
    with a Terminal Server or even a cluster of terminal servers and then
    simply restrict what the users can access over the terminals.


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    Subject: Internet Cafe

    Hey there,

    for the first time I have to setup an internet cafe. I want to use Win2k
    on the workstations and "cripple" it using the policies it has, then use
    linux as a firewall/proxy with squid. Having only a proxy and not a
    gateway should already narrow down a lot of security issues, but I
    believe kazaa and some others still work through proxies and I have
    hardly any idea on how secure the win2k policies are... Basically all I
    want to allow them is using IE on websites/ftp sites, they should be
    able to download, but only to a single folder and msn messenger should

    Anyways, anyone got any suggestions/comments on what I really have to
    look out for? I'm thinking it should be reasonably secure, but in places
    like this you always have the added risc of people wanting to damage the
    OS/system or use it as a place from which to attack others.

    Kind regards and TIA,

    Ferry van Steen

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