ghostly mail ports

From: joe (
Date: 01/08/03

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    From: "joe" <>
    To: <>
    Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 00:45:23 -0000

    Hi, im new to security and this is my first post, so be gentle :)

    I have a fairly good understanding of the tcp/ip model and i think i
    understand what ports are for! but i cant understand that on my box, i have
    the 2 default mail ports (25 and 110) open. Its a windows 2000 box, service
    pack three. Im pretty sure im not running a mail server of any description.

    The ports appear in box scanline and superscan eg

    C:\>sl -bht 1-1000
    ScanLine (TM) 1.01
    Copyright (c) Foundstone, Inc. 2002

    Scan of 1 IP started at Wed Jan 08 00:36:51 2003

    Responded in 0 ms.
    0 hops away
    Responds with ICMP unreachable: No
    TCP ports: 25 110 135 139 445


    Scan finished at Wed Jan 08 00:37:09 2003

    1 IP and 1000 ports scanned in 0 hours 0 mins 18.16 secs

    but in netstat, activeports, fport they dont! does anybody know where they
    have come from? i googled for ages but dont seem to be getting anywhere.