RE: [Re-post] Suggestions for basic software for security

From: Di Fresco Marco (
Date: 12/28/02

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    From: "Di Fresco Marco" <>
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    Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2002 18:45:22 -0800

    > It isn't abundantly clear what you want to do. You
    > say you're asking for "security software" for "port
    > scan, firewall, etc.". You say you already have
    > ZoneAlarm and VirusScan.

    Yes, I already have ZoneAlarm and VirusScan. I would like to know if
    there is something else to try.

    > What isn't clear is what you're trying to do. Are you
    > asking for offensive or defensive capabilities?

    I am looking for defensive capabilities.

    > For example, even on ME, you don't really *need* a
    > firewall...just turn off file sharing and any other
    > service that may be running that you don't need. If
    > you do get interested in what the knee-biters are
    > trying to do, sure, install ZA again.

    I have turned off all the services.

    > I think what you're missing here is the very basic
    > concepts of security. For example, ME isn't going to
    > provide you much in the way of local security.
    > Upgrading to XP is better, but you still need to
    > understand the basic concepts of security.

    In fact the (second, after defensive capabilities) purpose of my request
    is to have some (basic) software to learn the concepts of security (at
    least the basic ones).

    > If you really do want software, check out FoundStone,
    > NTObjectives, SysInternals, and Most
    > of the software at these sites will work on
    > XP...SysInternals has some ME software as well.

    I will give a look. For WinME I am already thinking about upgrade to XP.

    Di Fresco Marco

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