RE: A Solution for sniffing

From: Jose Avila III (
Date: 12/19/02

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    Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 09:25:31 -0800

    Now i know there are hardware devices that you can plug into that will allow
    you not to be detected. What these maily doo is remove the 2 TX wires in
    the CAT5 cable from the solution... These are looped back as to not cause a
    hardware conflict... The Sniffer is now incapeable of transmitting and is
    hence undetectible. Correct me if i am wrong but that is what i have been
    come to believe so far


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    There ARE ways to detect sniffing, but not necessarily completely reliable.
    Sniffing places the network device into promiscous (SP?) mode. The old
    had a antisniff which @Stake still offers. Other tools may exist as well
    which detect sniffing.

    On Tue, 17 Dec 2002 12:19:23 -0500 wrote:

    > As sniffing is a passive act, there is no way
    > that you can detect the act itself, unless you
    > have access to the machine that's doing the
    > possible sniffing itself.
    > Perhaps one of the simplest ways to ensure
    > sniffing is made much more difficult at the
    > least is by switching from a hub type network
    > to a switched network. In a switched
    > environment, other users cannot see each others
    > network streams, thus providing a layer of
    > protection.
    > Of course, like all techniques, this can be
    > gotten around by various additional techniques,
    > but it does make life more difficult to would
    > be sniffers. (ie: user installs a hub via an
    > uplink port to switched segment, and connects
    > target's system and a sniffing machine to the
    > hub.)
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    > Hello Folks,
    > I think i am being sniffed by somone on my
    > network, and i was wondering. is
    > there an application to check wether i am being
    > sniffed or not, and if i
    > was, how can i fix that ?(like PGP for mail,
    > what about other protocols)
    > P.S. : Running Linux Slackware 8.1 (if that
    > would help)
    > cheers,
    > Fadi R. Khouja

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