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Date: 12/17/02

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    > I'm hoping I don't generate flames because this is somewhat off-topic but
    > have been googling for a while and I'm not getting the answer I'm looking
    > for. I need information on how I view or set up syslog on a Linux
    > (specifically SuSE 8.1) I am BRAND new to Linux and purchased SuSE to
    > myself to learn. My first project is to set it up as a syslog security
    > server. Yes - I have also done man syslog. I am familiar with syslog
    > servers (Kiwi) in the windows environment. What is the method to viewing
    > logs on Linux? Typing syslogd at the command line tells me that syslogd
    > already running but I don't see it listening as a service when I type
    > netstat -an. Any help is appreciated... a direction for information if
    > just think I'm an idiot is fine too.
    > thanks
    > N
    Hi man,
    It's not so difficult to find information for the syslog daemon and for any
    program in *nix systems. All you have to do is to read the manual!

    $ man syslogd

    If you want to search the manual pages with a keyword add a '-k' option.
    Read the manual of the 'man' command ('man man') :)

    Best regards,
    Kiril Tsvetkov, BG.

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