Re: Telnet Security Question for a Router.

From: Mark Maher (
Date: 12/11/02

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    Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 14:35:00 -0600
    From: "Mark Maher" <>

    Most of the Cisco routers suport SSH, especially if you are running an IOS image that supports IPSec.What we did until all of our routers supported SSH, was set up a secure SSH server in our internal network (trusted part of the network). Then, for access from the Internet, we SSH to the server and then telnet from there to the router. This way, the connection to our network was encrypted, and only the part between the SSH server and router was unencrypted. Of course, this doesn't protect us from the inside (internal network), but does prevent sniffing and hijacking from the Internet (outside). Hope it helps.

    Mark Maher
    Ochsner Clinic Foudation

    >>> "Tony Toni" <> 12/10/02 08:45PM >>>

    We were currently wrote up by our external auditors because we use telnet to
    access all of our routers. In some cases we use a filtered Telnet
    service...but that is not the normal practice. We are a fairly good size
    company with about 1000+ routers.

    I am charged with coordinating a response to the auditors. I know all of
    the security issues involved with login id and password sent
    across the network in clear text, etc. My question: Is it possible to
    use SSH or CISCO TACACS+ to encrypt the entire Telnet session? Is there a
    way to ensure no one can sniff the login id and password? The Network
    Services Group is adamant that neither SSH or CISCO TACACS+ will work on a
    router to correct the security issue.

    Security and Audit Services
    Nations Banking & Trust

    PS: I have been playing phone tag with the auditor that wrote us see
    what they recommend...have not reached him yet.

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