Re: Wireless LAN Design at public places

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Date: 12/03/02

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    Well, until someone with some experience in designing and deploying wireless
    networks comes up with better 'intel' ( I too am curious), I'll drop in this
    url, (
    hive_article09186a00800c83b2.html ).

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    Anyone has URL or experiences at designing WLAN at public Places. I would
    like to replicate a good implementation, I've seen in one airport. Once we
    have joined the WLAN using auto-detect accesspoint, my notebook was assigned
    IP address. However, even the next hop / default gateway is not reachable
    (destination unreachable - ACL?) and so does any other services.

    It is only when I have authenticate via webpage ( the browser redirects me
    to the auth page, regardless whatever URL I have typed in ), then access is
    allowed to any.

    Thanks... I am particularly intrested on how you can block access even to
    the def. gateway.

    Leonard Ong