Re: Question on Blocking an ISP.

From: Neal K. Groothuis (
Date: 12/02/02

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    Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2002 14:04:43 -0600
    From: "Neal K. Groothuis" <>

    Doing a "whois \> \!" reveals:


    OrgName: America Online
    OrgID: AOL
    Address: 8619 Westwood Center Drive
             Suite 200 Vienna VA 22182
    Country: US
    RegDate: 1992-04-01
    Updated: 2002-11-22

    AbuseHandle: AOL382-ARIN
    AbuseName: America Online, Inc.
    AbusePhone: +1-703-265-4662

    AdminHandle: AOL-NOC-ARIN
    AdminName: America Online, Inc.
    AdminPhone: +1-703-265-4670

    NOCHandle: AOL236-ARIN
    NOCName: America Online, Inc.
    NOCPhone: +1-703-265-5431

    TechHandle: AOL-NOC-ARIN
    TechName: America Online, Inc.
    TechPhone: +1-703-265-4670

    Resources Used By Organization:
    America Online (AS1664) AOL-CORP 1664
    America Online (AS2056) AOL-AS 2056
    America Online (AS1682) AOL-1682-AS 1682
    America Online (AS11630) AOL-RTC2 11630
    America Online AOL-BNET (NET-152-163-0-0-1) -
    America Online SPRINT-9EFD00 (NET-158-253-0-0-2) -
    America Online AOL-172BLK (NET-172-128-0-0-1) -
    America Online AOL-172BLK-2 (NET-172-192-0-0-1) -
    America Online AOL-NET2-B (NET-198-81-0-0-1) -
    America Online AOL-96-103 (NET-204-148-96-0-1) -
    America Online SPRINT-AOL1 (NET-205-149-192-0-1) -
    America Online FON-349113188876761 (NET-208-22-113-240-1) -
    America Online FON-349140448077168 (NET-208-26-154-192-1) -

    # ARIN Whois database, last updated 2002-12-01 19:05
    # Enter ? for additional hints on searching ARIN's Whois database.

    On Sat, Nov 30, 2002 at 04:21:00AM -0500, Chris wrote:
    > Receiving mail from aol is no big thing to me, considering 99.9% of the time
    > is junk or spam.
    > Is there some way to whois arin on a nic handle to get all the classes?
    > Thank you.
    > -chris


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