RE: Protect folder data.

From: Shane Lahey (
Date: 11/22/02

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    From: "Shane Lahey" <>
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    Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 14:59:22 -0330

    Why not try Blowfish Advanced CS , available at
    This should do exactally what you want.

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    From: Tony - CIA;CISA;CDP;CPA;MBA []
    Sent: November 18, 2002 8:00 PM
    Subject: Protect folder data.


    I have some highly confidential data that I frequently access on in a
    that is on my desktop computer (ie win2k). I want to make sure no one
    me will able to see this data. Does anyone know of any
    that will 1) en-crypt the data in the folder and/or 2) require a
    to open up the folder? I need to make sure a person like our lan admin
    desk top support person can not figure out a way to get to the data.


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