Wireless security and VPN

From: Brian Bettger (brianb@diversint.com)
Date: 11/14/02

From: "Brian Bettger" <brianb@diversint.com>
To: <security-basics@securityfocus.com>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 09:12:02 -0800


I am searching for a product that incorporates a Wireless Access Point
AND VPN authentication to use for nearly all of our wireless rollouts.
As you know SSID and WEP are possibly not enough to keep people out of
networks. An integrated VPN authentication after SSID and WEP, BUT
before network authentication would be REALLY nice. In other words, I
turn on my laptop, PDA or workstation, it establishes the primary
connection through the use of SSID and WEP, then stops, leaving port
1723 open, dropping all other traffic or attack attempts until I make a
secure VPN connection. As soon as I establish the VPN connection I am
then prompted (or not) with my NT, Novell, or whatever login.

The thought is, a war driver could possibly crack WEP, access to the WAP
but is then faced with needing to establish a VPN connection even before
he can gain information about the network. The war driver / cracker
could only scan and see port 1723.

Please pass this on as a request for development if possible. Another
point is that it would be nice to have this bundled into one appliance.
Additionally pass this on to anyone else you feel may help.

Yes, I have looked into Proxim's solution, but it is over priced for my
clients (SOHO to medium size business, 25-100 users) and requires two
appliances, the WAP and then the VPN appliance.

Brian Bettger
Systems Engineer
Diversint, Inc.
Diversified Internet Services Group



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