Re: Newbie: RedHat 8 or OpenBSD??

From: Ryan Parr (
Date: 11/01/02

From: "Ryan Parr" <>
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Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 19:48:15 -0800

> As to which version is 'more secure', that is (IMHO)
> entirely subjective and dependant on the experience of those that will
> be setting up and managing the server(s).

No argument here. No matter what experiences anyone else
has had, YMMV. You'd probably do best to perform an install
of both OS's and see which fits your needs best.

I've run both Redhat and OpenBSD for web servers. I actually had
more difficulty with Redhat than OpenBSD.

The OpenBSD team has performed a near superhuman feat in
their exceptional man pages, and you will honestly find *everything*
you need in them. They have greatly reduced the voodoo of the
*nix's. OpenBSD also installs the minimum you need to
have a secure, functioning server while Redhat's packaged
configurations can get pretty bulky and you may have to spend
some time taking things away to harden it. With OpenBSD you
have to add things to un-harden it :)

Redhat has very broad industry support, and
it's certainly easier to use RPM than OpenBSD's ports collection.

You just can't make an educated decision without trying them
both out. Take a couple weeks to test them. Try to break them.
It's worth your trouble.

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In answer to your question..."It Depends".

It will depend on how experienced your engineers are with Linux.
OpenBSD can be a pain to install and configure. RedHat on the other
hand is comparatively easy to setup. OpenBSD from what I understand is
the most secure version out of the box but again securing it 'could' be
a pain. However, you can get scripts to harden Redhat fairly well. In
addition, You CAN further Harden Redhat by patching the Kernel: thereby further hardening the
Linux server. As to which version is 'more secure', that is (IMHO)
entirely subjective and dependant on the experience of those that will
be setting up and managing the server(s).

-Michael Vaughan

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Subject: Newbie: RedHat 8 or OpenBSD??

I'm fairly new to this, so please bare with me. If this question has
asked in the past, I apologize. I'm new to the listserv as well.

We are discussing starting our own web server. There is debate on
RedHat 8 or OpenBSD is more secure. What are your thoughts? We will be

doing online orders with credit card info, etc. Do you have any
to point us to? (We will be running Apache, probably a 'duh'.)


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