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Date: 10/22/02

From: "Clint Harris" <>
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Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2002 14:48:14 +1300

Since you are subscribing to this list I would expect that you are a
"security type" person yourself.

I don't want to sound weak or anything and I am far from a bible basher
or the like, but professionally I beleive security involves alot of
ethics, No one can tell you want to do but at the end of the day we are
all working towards the same goal.

There are plenty of websites that can influence your judgement (just ask
Here is a good site

Here are some points that I beleive are valid for this scenario which
you could take away from this and make your own call.

1.Contribute to society and human well-being.
The society in this case is our security one.

2.Avoid harm to others.
If you found it, this means your neighbours can too. Are they as nice as
you ? What other "holes" do they have?

3.Be honest and trustworthy.
Self explanitory

4.Respect the privacy of others.
Self explanitory

5.Improve public understanding of computing and its consequences.
We should share our technical knowledge (which is why this list exists)
to benefit the greater good.

If I were you I would notify them of their in-securities and resist
using it.
You will be contributing to improving internet security (not just your
own but everyones) and you never know, they may reward you with some
free bandwidth that you can use lawfully (I wouldn't do it for this
reason alone).

If they give you the cold shoulder and tell you to **** off, then go for
gold ( I may have just discredited myself here ... ), use as much
bandwidth as you can. Just don't do anything harmful or illegal to other
systems while using it.


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        Can someone tell me if there are any laws regarding wireless

        One of the apartment complexes near mine has free wireless
connections offered to their residents. Now, my computer happens to
catch that signal.

        Now, is that illegal. If so, how should I go about dealing with
this issue.