Re: Ipchains Question / Seeking Information.

From: Devdas Bhagat (
Date: 10/16/02

Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 03:47:37 +0530
From: Devdas Bhagat <>
To: Chris S <>

On 08/10/02 14:06 -0400, Chris S wrote:
> I'm getting a good amount of these DENY's in my logs, but I'm not sure
> exactly what they mean.
> Oct 7 19:51:45 furby kernel: Packet log: output DENY eth0 PROTO=6
> L=48 S=0x00 I=17224 F=0x4000 T=64 (#2)
The SYN bit is not set, so it looks like this is a TCP response. There
was an old post about reading ipchains logs.
I can't recall which list it was on though (this

> Is the address binded to my webserver. To me it looks like my
> webserver is trying to connect to on port 2002 (the new linux
> worm) I could be wrong about this, but im not sure.
Or maybe a simple browser expecting a response?

> I have these lines for IPChains so i dont know how or if im infected.
> Chain input (policy ACCEPT):
> target prot opt source destination ports
> DENY tcp ----l- anywhere anywhere any ->
> 2002
> DENY udp ----l- anywhere anywhere any ->
> 2002
> Chain output (policy ACCEPT):
> target prot opt source destination ports
> DENY udp ----l- anywhere anywhere any ->
> 2002
> DENY tcp ----l- anywhere anywhere any ->
> 2002
You aren't looking for connections being initiated from your box, but
all connections to port 2002/tcp. I suggest that the tcp rules be
modified to look for the initial SYN bit set too, or you upgrade to
You are probably looking at a webserver response to a perfectly normal

Devdas Bhagat

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