RE: Is SSH worth it??

From: Chris Reickenbacker (
Date: 10/07/02

From: Chris Reickenbacker <>
To: 'Trevor Cushen' <>
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2002 14:34:32 -0400 

Sniffing the traffic is trivial, even on a switched network. ARP flood the
switch (any vendors switch) and it will 'fail-open'...that means that it
will act like a hub and broadcast to all ports. Use ssh - and make sure its
the most recent version of ssh. Dont think for a second that a switched
network brings with it any hint of security. Like I said, takes about 20
lines of C code to 'fail-open' your switch - once that happens, you can
sniff from any node on the segment.


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Subject: Is SSH worth it??

Hello all,

Quick opinion based question. I have an switched internal network that
currently uses a lot of rcp with rsh authentication to moves files
about. Platforms are unix and nt (ftp on the nt side)

More secure is ssh and scp for all platforms, but I have several scripts
that would all have to be re-written and a fair bit of setting up for
all the clients and servers involved throughout the organisation.

The questions is this;

On an internal network that is switched (making sniffing harder) is it
worth going to SSH and SCP??????

I am aware how to set it all up but the thing is, is it worth it. Bare
in mind also that few people have passwords to the boxes and the only
real threat is sniffing the traffic.

All opinions welcome,

Trevor Cushen
Sysnet Ltd
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