Re: Ports->Process on Win NT/2k

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Date: 09/26/02

Date: 26 Sep 2002 13:59:08 -0000
From: baba ali <>

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I am reading a paper from security online related to detecting and
removing malicious code on Win2k.There is reference to some tools that may
be the answer to your question.The article in question is from H
CArvey "Detecting and removing Trojans and malicious code from Win2" and
you can find the tools on
Hope that help.

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>Hi All,
> Is there any utility which provides information on the owner(?)
>of a socket on Win NT/2k? What I want, is to find out which process has
>opened a socket on the machine. For example, if netstat shows that a
>process is listening on port 80, I should be able to use this utility
>and find out what that process is.
>Hve a nice day,
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>R Pradeep Chandran