RE: MTA Recommendations

From: Mike Harris (
Date: 09/08/02

From: "Mike Harris" <>
To: <>
Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2002 14:37:04 -0600

I can't really say that that the default .mc files that sendmail ships with
are customized to each persons setup. That is where I find the most
challenging part of setup/configuration (mostly configuration). Also,
compared to several other popular MTAs, sendmail is difficult to setup. I
think what I, and others find difficult about it, is the whole m4 parsing
that it goes, through, and the fact that the configuration value names make
no sense to me.

For example:
(Sendmail in before you have to parse it through m4)
VERSIONID(`@(#) 1.0 ( 5/1/97')
FEATURE(`virtusertable', `dbm /etc/mail/virtusertable')dnl

(Postfix in
smtpd_banner = 1.11 $mhostname
alias_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/aliases

Although this isn't too big of a problem if you read, and read, and read the
documentation over several times (which you should do anyways), but it makes
it more difficult to configure.

Just looking at those two examples, which appears to be easier, and makes
more sense in your head? Also, I don't see that plain old method working
for 99% of sendmail installs out there.


> I've set up Sendmail several dozen times, and only the first time was
> difficult in the least. I'd like to make this clear to anyone I possibly
> can:
> - echo "" >> /etc/mail/local-domain-names
> Really. It's hard to get any simpler than that. It annoys me when people
> say that sendmail is hard to configure.
> Right, done venting.