Linux VPN (again)

From: John Horne (
Date: 09/08/02

From: John Horne <>
Date: 08 Sep 2002 18:51:57 +0100

On Sun, 2002-07-14 at 21:58, John wrote:
> So, that's the question. Do windows clients work with a linux vpn? I
> know I'll be asked about this this week. I have been asked to report
> back to the manager within a few days, so any quick answers of the
> yes/no type would be great. At least I can give a definite answer then,
> and worry about the implementation later.

Some time ago I asked this list the above question, and received a few
replies too which the answer was yes, windows clients will work with a
linux vpn server.

I have played a little with setting up such a server since then.
However, the problem seems to be that I cannot see how this will scale
up since we will probably need to support several hundred users or maybe
over a thousand. As far as I can tell, using the FreeS/WAN vpn software
and PPTP patches, access (i.e. authentication) is provided through
lookups of text files. In that respect the administration of such a
service for several hundred people will probably be seen as prohibitive.

In that respect does anyone run a vpn service supporting several hundred
users? If so how are they authenticated?

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