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One item is in the EULA, a (at least by MS intent) legally binding
contract, the other is an implementation detail. You cannot rescind your
agreement to the EULA, but MS can change the implementation detail at any
time at their discretion. And this gives you a level of comfort? La cosa
nostra used to work this way: you owe a favor to a capo, who can call it in
at any time in the future, any way he wants to...
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Just my 0.02€...
Did you read the sentences before the extract we commonly see ?

 * If you choose to utilize the update features within the OS
   Product or OS Components, it is necessary to use certain
   computer system, hardware, and software information to
   implement the features. By using these features, you
   explicitly authorize Microsoft or its designated agent to
   access and utilize the necessary information for updating
   purposes. Bla bla bla...
I think this is to note that you just can choose not to use automatic

And extract from the Readme file :

You can configure your computer to receive these notifications if you are
logged on as an administrator. Use Control Panel to select the options you
want. If Automatic Updates is not configured within 24 hours after the
service pack is installed, the network administrator or whoever is logged
on locally as an administrator will be prompted to configure it. Automatic
Updates will not download any updates until someone has configured it to do

So There are some "mitigating" factors...



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> If it follows the same methods that Windows XP uses, then MS does not
> initiate the connection. The computer that SP3 is running on will
> contact MS to look for the latest updates (could be turned off in
> Windows XP, not sure about SP3)

You can disable the automatic update service through the services mmc
and/or you can use the automatic update control panel applet to not allow
the service to check for updates. The second option will not disable the
service however. If you're really worried about it disabling the service
is better.

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