Is there a question about the security of software developed in t he US?

From: Jim Grossl (
Date: 08/19/02

From: Jim Grossl <>
To: "''" <>
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 15:47:18 -0600

I was just on OpenSSH's web site and noticed that
in the 6th paragraph on the main page it mentions
that the software is developed outside the USA. I'm
curious as to why this would appear to be a
selling point. Is there concern outside the
US about the security of software developed
in the United States? I was thinking about the
fact that I've heard the NSA has approached
certain software developers about putting
backdoors/master keys in their products.

It does seem that the OpenSSH people are using
this fact as a reliability selling point. Of
course as is frequently the case I may be wrong.

Jim Grossl