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Date: 08/19/02

From: "Chris" <>
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Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 03:42:16 -0700

I second the qmail recommendation! I just moved my network over to it and
love it. If you want to install the whole package try using qinstall. Pick
it up at Not much docs on qinstall it's self, as long as
you have all the deps your good to go. That was THE only problem I had with
getting qmail, vpopmail and sqwebmail up and running beautifully. And the
docs for qmail and vpopmail and sqwebmail are great!

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> > > I'm looking at installing a linux based email server in our
> > > network. (was going to get exchange because we're mostly a microsoft
> > > shop, but as usual, no budget available. Working on the microsoft
> > > thing, finally got OpenOffice working, and I'm looking at WINE next.)
> > > Now that I've been looking at some of the options, I'm impressed with
> > > the available
> > > features. I started out by trying to find all of the available email
> > > programs (MTA's to be precise) and came up with this list: Courier,
> > > Exim, Zmailer, Smail3, Porcupine, Sendmail, Qmail, and Postfix I've
> > > done some research and it appears that the vast majority of people use
> > > Sendmail, Exim, Qmail, and Postfix. I'm light on linux knowledge
> > > (although my last project, the dhcp aware router is now working well)
> > > so having some
> > > community support is definitely important. Sendmail use seems to be
> > > declining because of security issues, and it looks like the best
> > > would be either Qmail or Postfix, but I'd like to get some imput if
> > > anyone out there has an opinion or some advice. What do you think I
> > > should use, and why?
> > > Our basic criteria is that it should
> > >a)Have a reasonable admin interface (if you think vi is the best thing

> > since sliced bread you're
> > > probably not on the same wavelength as me)
> >
> you can use use qmail and install the vpopmail package (
> vpopmail
> is an enviroment for virtual hosts, but i recommend it even you just host
> one domain,
> because you can use the other stuff from this include
> qmailadmin and vqadmin,
> which are pretty nice admin-interfaces and sqwebmail a webmailer...
> regards,
> philipp
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