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Date: 08/16/02

Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 17:39:15 -0400
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That was unbelievably funny, but to keep this on topic.
Here we use the following

DDS 3/4 - 4 drives on 2 computers. 2 on the exchange box, 2 on the
DDS 4 Autoloader on the second domain controller
AIT-1 Second Exchange box

Why, AIT has some decent speed, I was also looking for a route of
migration AIT holds a lot more than your average dds tape.

Security concerns, Obviously physical security.
We are parked right next to an airport, so our disaster recovery plan is
pretty robust in the way of having multiple off-site backups floating
around. Once off-site make sure they remain secure as well.

All the obvious

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On Thu, 15 Aug 2002, Golden_Eternity wrote:

> > has any advice on what we should get. We will be backing up about
30 GB -
> > 35 GB a night. I was looking to use an internal DLT or AIT
> > drive, but I am
> > open to other technologies.
> I'm using DLT here. Was very happy with it until I exceeded the
> limit (with compression).

I've found that /dev/null has incredible storage and speed. I've seen
backups approaching the source drive's media speed, and compression is
of this world. Our system here lacks sufficient source data to fully
/dev/null's compression.

/dev/urandom is the restore port, but there seems to some problems with
data being randomly corrupted.