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From: Ian Kelly (
Date: 06/02/02

From: "Ian Kelly" <>
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Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2002 03:37:43 +0100

Have a look at SafeBoot from Control Break ( They
have products that can do either pre-boot authentication with full disk
encryption or just folder encryption (they recently released V Disk that
creates virtual encrypted disks). Tokens are optional and when I last looked
it had quite a good key recovery mechanism. I don't believe that there is a
sales threshold for the product. I've spoken to Control Break and a reseller
about the products at various times and I don't remember minimum orders
being mentioned being mentioned.


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> An alternative suggestion to the hard drive encryption, would be to look
at IBM laptops. On
> previous models like the 7xx series of laptops (I haven't looked
recently), there was an option
> for a hard drive password. Using a little known portion of the ATA (hard
drive) specification,
> the hard drive required a password on initial powerup (computer booting).
This password protected
> the drive from theft, since every time power was applied to the hard
drive, the BIOS queried for
> the hard drive password. The only way to defeat this mechanism is to send
the laptop back to IBM.
> I knew several executives who swore by this, and would only carry IBM
> Sam Hillaire
> --- "Trotter, Brian" <> wrote:
> > The President of my company has tasked me with finding some way to keep
> > data on his and the other executives laptop safe if it is ever stolen.
> > I looked over hardware tokens and all kinds of security gizmos, but
> > guys travel so much that if they leave their tokens at the office when
> > go on the road, they cannot access their data. I figured that using a
> > Disk Encryption program was the easiest solution. Make them choose a
> > hard password, and we will keep track of the passwords in the IT
> >
> > I have looked at a couple different products such as "Encryption Plus
> > Disk" from PCGuardian, and another I cant remember the name for.
> > they require you to purchase minimum quantities before they will even
> > to you about it. PCGuardian requires a minimum of 50 units to be
> > The other required 100.
> >
> > Can someone recommend a product that will provide pre-boot
authentication to
> > the laptop? It will have to render the laptop useless unless the
password is
> > provided. I don't like the encrypted volume software that will encrypt
> > select folders and such. I would like something that without the right
> > password, the laptop wont even boot.
> >
> > Thanks for any help you can give.
> >
> > Brian T.
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