Need Help Securing XP

From: Matt (
Date: 05/27/02

From: "Matt" <>
To: "Security-Basics" <>
Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 02:52:46 -0400

Hi all
Here’s my story:

I wanted to see how XP looked and decided to give it a test run

I managed to get a evaluation copy Of XP Pro Release Candidate 1 (Build
2505) and a spare box with a freshly formatted hard drive.
After installing I immediately went to Windows Update to try and grab the
pile of patches I knew were needed
I also immediately installed a firewall (Sygate Personal Firewall)

The fun started when I discovered that windows update wouldn’t work, so I
started poking around to see what was wrong. Fast forward to an hour
later……. I still couldn’t get the Critical updates I needed thru windows
update so I started manually grabbing them one by one. A slow and painfull
process. As I was finishing my third of 22 critical update’s I got a error
message that says “this Hotfix will only work with Build 2600” or something
similar and several patches and hotfixes I tried after that was the same
message “Only works with Build 2600”

So I guess my question is:
Is it possible to patch this Build I have so I can safely DEMO it and see if
I like it or am I resigned to a swiss cheese Installation which I am most
definitely not enthused about pursuing further ?
I have run the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer thru several times and
no amount of tweaking by me is gonna plug those holes I have without the
patches! So I am thinking this is a lost cause……

I would appreciate all your comments

Thanks in advance