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Date: 05/23/02

From: "Hunt, Jim" <>
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Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 07:12:39 -0500

The first thing you can do is graph the traffic on the Cisco Router. All
you need are the SNMP community (read) string and a great free product
called MRTG. ( In fact, you can set up MRTG (with
Perl) in just a few minutes by looking at my website called "MRTG for
Dummies." (

Over time, using MRTG will give you a true idea of the (incoming and
outdoing) bandwidth.

If you have a switch with SNMP that everyone connects, you can run MRTG on
it too and get an idea port by port who is doing what. The bad news is MRTG
will not distinguish between Internet traffic and local traffic. But it
give you some clues to follow.

The other option is to use a network sniffer and filter out traffic.
Sniffer Pro is very good and you can get a full 30 day version to try. Good

Jim Hunt
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
Northwestern School Corporation

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 Hi, this is my first post to this list, so go easy on me.
 I've just started working as an IT intern at an architecture firm with
around 80 people. We supposedly have a fractional T1 connection of some
type, but frankly, my DSL connection at home is more responsive. I know for
a fact that most people here don't use the connection(about 10 ppl total
actually do).
 I want to find out where the bandwidth is going. I figure I could set up a
proxy, but that would take alot of effort getting the Idea through the
Admin(*grumble*)...(there's currently NO security here, but I'm trying to
change that.)
 I know that we have a Cisco router of some sort, but I haven't really
gotten a feel for the equipment yet. is there a passive way for me to
figure out who's hogging the bandwidth? For all I know, someone could have
found a securiy hole and they're hosting an warez site off of us :/
***Anything*** is possible here.
 - Jesse the Intern

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