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From: Larry Mitchell (
Date: 05/23/02

From: "Larry Mitchell" <>
To: "Jesse Morgan" <>
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 07:48:51 -0500


First thing i suggest is to keep in mind that a fractional T1 can go all the
way down to 128K which is the UPLOAD speed of your DSL. Just becaust the
line is a fractional does not mean there is much bandwidth. In fact we have
several 56K fractionals. This puts you at just over normal dialup speeds.
First things first would be too determine exactly what speed line you have.

Next suggestion would be not to give away too much information as to where
you are located and to your line and hardware. Remeber that not everyone
that reads this list has good intentions. Don't leave yourself open to
attack while trying to get help.

If you need help determining the speed of the line feel free to contact me
privately or post to the board.

Third suggestion would be to run aasoftware such as MRTG or Multi Router
Traffic Grapher. We use this here and i think you would benefit from it
very much. It shows visually the amaount of traffic each router serial and
ethernet port is using. both in and out. There are versions for just about
anything and it requires no intrusive operation to implement. You would run
it on a workstation or server and there are versions for just about every
major OS.

I hope this helps and good luck.

Larry Mitchell
A+, Netowrk+
Network Administrator
I.V. Net L.L.P

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> Hi, this is my first post to this list, so go easy on me.
> I've just started working as an IT intern at an architecture firm with
> around 80 people. We supposedly have a fractional T1 connection of some
> type, but frankly, my DSL connection at home is more responsive. I know
> a fact that most people here don't use the connection(about 10 ppl total
> actually do).
> I want to find out where the bandwidth is going. I figure I could set up
> proxy, but that would take alot of effort getting the Idea through the
> Admin(*grumble*)...(there's currently NO security here, but I'm trying to
> change that.)
> I know that we have a Cisco router of some sort, but I haven't really
> gotten a feel for the equipment yet. is there a passive way for me to
> figure out who's hogging the bandwidth? For all I know, someone could have
> found a securiy hole and they're hosting an warez site off of us :/
> ***Anything*** is possible here.
> thanks,
> - Jesse the Intern