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From: David Roux (
Date: 05/22/02

From: "David Roux" <>
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Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 22:59:26 -0400

You can also download NA's PGPfreeware 7.0.3, courtesy of c|net, at:

The differences between the two are taken straight from the PGPi FAQ:

        1.5. How does PGPi differ from PGP?
        PGPi is basically the same version as PGP, but there are some important
        1. Use of RSA keys are supported (to ensure backwards compatibilty with PGP
        2. The default keyserver is in Europe, not in USA.
        3. The source code for PGPi is available for download, so that you may
reveiew the code for any errors, backdoors, etc.
        4. PGPi has been ported to several new platforms, including MS-DOS, OS/2,
Amiga, Atari and various Unix variants.


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Subject: RE: Encrypting e-mail

PGP from PGPi is preatty good, and integrates quite nicely with outlook.
Unfortunatlly, i think they have dropped it's development, so it is
officially dead. But i think you can still download it from their website:

Maybe a better option could be GnuPG (which i don't really know...):


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> Subject: Encrypting e-mail
> Hi people,
> What is the best free software for encrypting e-mail?
> Any sugestion?
> It must be compatible with outlook express and outlook 2000.
> Best regards,

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