RE: User Log off

From: Holger Schaal (
Date: 05/15/02

Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 09:43:46 +0200
From: "Holger Schaal" <>
To: <>

Hi Tim,

there is a screensaver in the windows 2000 resource kit, called winexit
- with this "screensaver" users are automatically logged off after a
certain amount of time of inactivity. The configuration settings are
stored in the HKCU part of the registry - and can be set with group



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> -----Original Message----- > From: Tim V(@DZ) [] > Sent: Tuesday, May 14, 2002 6:20 PM > To: > Subject: User Log off > > > Does anyone know of group policies, software, configurations that will > automatically log a user off after a specific amount of time? > > Basically, people staying logged in is bad for a whole slew of privacy > and security reasons (as you all know). My users seem to have trouble > understanding this. I know I can set a Windows 2000 Group Policy for > "logout automatically" and "time to terminate session" or > something like > that, but I'm pretty sure that only applies to terminal services > clients. I searched the web for a while and came up with 12Ghosts > Shutdown which is a small app that "overloads" the shutdown of Windows > and among other things has a inactivity timer. However, in testing, > having picky programs (like Outlook 2002) open will > effectively not let > 12Ghosts log the user out. > > Has anyone else solved this issue with some sort of technology, I'm > wearing thin on user eduacation right now... > > > -tim > > PS I suppose I should let everyone know that the network is completely > Windows 2000. > >

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