Re: Webservers

From: Steve Bremer (
Date: 05/10/02

From: "Steve Bremer" <>
To: "Tom Geldner" <>
Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 11:23:50 -0500

> number of reasons. Can people here suggest a low-cost (or free),
> secure, easy-to-administer replacement??

Apache. Version 1.3.x of Apache doesn't perform as well as IIS
when running on windows, but since you said it was a low volume
web site, it should be fine. If you need the performance, you can
try the new Apache 2.x. The initial benchmarks shows that it
performs as well as IIS when running on windows. Apache 2.x is
pretty new, but I'll bet it's still far more secure than IIS.

Steve Bremer

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