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Date: 05/03/02

From: Jason Craig <>
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Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 10:31:43 -0700 

if security really is the goal with the router/firewall, then why not
OpenBSD3.1 and pf?

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I would suggest using linux as your router. Set up IP Masq on it and a
firewall. IPChains maybe? I personally steer away from MS systems for
security. But that's IMO. Connect your USB ADSL router to linux and set that
as your external interface. And your network card is your internal trusted

As for accessing your 2K server from your linux box. Make sure you have SMB
support. Other than that, as long as you set your firewall up right, you
should be fairly secure connecting to your server over your lan. But 'be
paranoid, it's safer'.

That's my bit of advice, take is as you will, there's always someone more
knowledgable out there..

Lee Rich

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Subject: Home Security.

Hi everyone,

I've been reading this mailing-list for a while now, and it seems that you
guys are probably the best group to ask in regards to security, so I thought
that i'd fire a few at you...
O.k., basically I'm trying to set up a good, secure home network which is
connected to the Internet via an ADSL line. At the moment i've got a machine
that will be my firewall, a machine that will act as my DHCP / DNS /
VPN...... server and finally another machine that can be only used as a
client with Linux on it..


INTERNET ----------------ADSL Modem------Firewall
                Linux Client.
My questions are these:
1) What is the best operating system / firewall software combination to use
on the firewall machine? (I think i'd prefer to use a MS product though)
2) My ADSL line which connects to the firewall uses USB, so is it still a
router? since it doesn't have 2 NIC's.....
3) Obviously, my firewall machine will have to act as a router, so what is
the best software to use to achieve this?
3) I've got Win 2000 Server as my server machine, but I can't seem to
Install any Anti-Viral software or Firewall software... Is this just my
machine, or is it a problem with Win 2000?
4) If I want to make my network secure, is there any other products I should
invest in, besides Anti-Virus and Firewall software?
5) Lastly, what would I need (besides telnet) to use to access my Linux box
from the server securely? (If the server is an MS-OS) would Exceed do it?

Well, That's enough questions!

Thanks for your help in Advance...