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Date: 05/03/02

Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 13:05:17 -0400
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Pretty good how to guide for setting up a linux firewall:


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Thanks guys for your very helpful comments back!

Well, I've decided to go with what you guys have said, and i'm going to
use my Linux box as my firewall / router instead of my MS products...
It's kind of diving in at the deep-end for me regarding linux though!
but what the heck, gotta learn sometime...

Where whould be a good place to go to get some good documents on these
subjects though? i.e. connecting linux & MS, setting linux as a
firewall, setting it up as a router....

in regards to getting an IDS, I take it that most people are suggesting
that snort is the best one to have, yes? why is it prefered over others?

well, once again, thanks for your help!



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Subject: Home Security.

Hi everyone,

I've been reading this mailing-list for a while now, and it seems that
you guys are probably the best group to ask in regards to security, so I
thought that i'd fire a few at you... O.k., basically I'm trying to set
up a good, secure home network which is connected to the Internet via an
ADSL line. At the moment i've got a machine that will be my firewall, a
machine that will act as my DHCP / DNS / VPN...... server and finally
another machine that can be only used as a client with Linux on it..


INTERNET ----------------ADSL Modem------Firewall
Linux Client.
My questions are these:
1) What is the best operating system / firewall software combination to
use on the firewall machine? (I think i'd prefer to use a MS product
2) My ADSL line which connects to the firewall uses USB, so is it still
a router? since it doesn't have 2 NIC's.....
3) Obviously, my firewall machine will have to act as a router, so what
is the best software to use to achieve this?
3) I've got Win 2000 Server as my server machine, but I can't seem to
Install any Anti-Viral software or Firewall software... Is this just my
machine, or is it a problem with Win 2000?
4) If I want to make my network secure, is there any other products I
should invest in, besides Anti-Virus and Firewall software?
5) Lastly, what would I need (besides telnet) to use to access my Linux
box from the server securely? (If the server is an MS-OS) would Exceed
do it?

Well, That's enough questions!

Thanks for your help in Advance...