RE: Home Security.

From: Serge van Ginderachter (
Date: 05/01/02

From: "Serge van Ginderachter" <>
To: <>
Date: Wed, 1 May 2002 20:53:48 +0200

> 1) What is the best operating system / firewall software
> combination to use on the firewall machine? (I think i'd
> prefer to use a MS product though)

Linux is. you might consider a specific distro like IPcop
(, you don't need much *nix knowledge, and administration
occurs through a web interface

> 2) My ADSL line which connects to the firewall uses USB, so
> is it still a router? since it doesn't have 2 NIC's.....

I don't think it is. Your FW will need to act as a router. I think IPcop
supports this. OPtherwise have a look at

> 3) Obviously, my firewall machine will have to act as a
> router, so what is the best software to use to achieve this?

See above

> 3) I've got Win 2000 Server as my server machine, but I can't
> seem to Install any Anti-Viral software or Firewall
> software... Is this just my machine, or is it a problem with Win 2000?

Definitely your machine/install...

> 4) If I want to make my network secure, is there any other
> products I should invest in, besides Anti-Virus and Firewall software?

> 5) Lastly, what would I need (besides telnet) to use to
> access my Linux box from the server securely? (If the server
> is an MS-OS) would Exceed do it?

Use SSH, as a windows client use putty.exe (Google to find it...)


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