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Date: 04/25/02

From: Andrew Blevins <>
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VNC may not be secure, but in a classroom situation like this, its probably
the best solution. The worst that could happen is some kid messing with the


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VNC Isn't secure. Do a search on Security Focus @ .


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Try VNC, the client sees everything the host does. Just make sure you
disable his mouse and keyboard in the connection first though ;)

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> Hey Folks!
> I hope this forum is the right place to post this question... If not,
> Background:
> I'm a sys. admin. at a local high school and have the following
> There is a student taking a computer programming class that has a vison
disability. He has a school provided Win2K Pro laptop that has been locked
down very tightly... This laptop was provided to him to make learning
easier for him. However, there is one problem... In order for him to
funtion effectively in class he will need to be able to see a remote display
of what his teacher is doing on her PC (which is hooked up to an LCD
projector) on the screen of his PC. Is there a secure way of accomplishing
this feat without using any of a number of trojan horse programs?
> The network is Windows based instead of Novell, so ZENWorks is not an
> Thanks for any help you can give in this!!!