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From: Mike Dawg (
Date: 04/25/02

Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 13:14:24 -0600
To: Chris Santerre <>,
From: Mike Dawg <>

The most secure way of doing this, would probably be using VNC through a
SSH tunnel. That is generally accepted as being secure.



At 03:55 PM 4/24/2002 -0400, Chris Santerre wrote:
>I use VNC here as well. However i would not call it secure. I have heard of
>people using it over a secure connection.
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>Bounced the first time.
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>Use Microsoft Net Meeting. Can do lots of cool
>with it including allowing someone to "take control"
>of the screen/app whatever the teacher is running at
>the time. For your situation, just viewing is all
>you so that should be even easier to deal with.
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>From: Timothy Hall [mailto:admin@TELE2WIN.NET]
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>Subject: Secure Way of Remotely Viewing a Desktop...
>Hey Folks!
>I hope this forum is the right place to post this
>question... If not, sorry!
>I'm a sys. admin. at a local high school and have
>the following situation...
>There is a student taking a computer programming
>class that has a vison disability. He has a school
>provided Win2K Pro laptop that has been locked down
>very tightly... This laptop was provided to him to
>make learning easier for him. However, there is one
>problem... In order for him to funtion effectively
>in class he will need to be able to see a remote
>display of what his teacher is doing on her PC (which
>is hooked up to an LCD projector) on the screen of his
>PC. Is there a secure way of accomplishing this
>feat without using any of a number of trojan horse
>The network is Windows based instead of Novell, so
>ZENWorks is not an option...
>Thanks for any help you can give in this!!!
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