Re: Secure Way of Remotely Viewing a Desktop...

From: ktabic (
Date: 04/24/02

Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 19:04:36 +0100
From: ktabic <>

I would probably use WinVNC
Give the student the vncviewer program and install the server on the
teachers computers. Can be passworded and restricted to certain IP
addresses. If you use a program like reshack, you can make it so the
student can only view.

>There is a student taking a computer programming class that has a vison
>disability. He has a school provided Win2K Pro laptop that has been
>locked down very tightly... This laptop was provided to him to make
>learning easier for him. However, there is one problem... In order for
>him to funtion effectively in class he will need to be able to see a
>remote display of what his teacher is doing on her PC (which is hooked up
>to an LCD projector) on the screen of his PC. Is there a secure way of
>accomplishing this feat without using any of a number of trojan horse programs?
>The network is Windows based instead of Novell, so ZENWorks is not an
>Thanks for any help you can give in this!!!

Don't even go there