Again on certification

From: Angelo Perniola (
Date: 04/20/02

Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2002 01:36:58 +0100
From: Angelo Perniola <>
To: "" <>

Hello All.

I am following (in reality I am learning from) the list since a couple
of months now. Talking again about certifications, I hope somebody can
give me some advices about a choice I am facing in these days. I had a
professional career in the military, got a degree in engineering and I
am now getting my master degree in a technology related subject. My goal
is to work in the Computer Networks Security and I am studying as much
as I can now (very, very hard). I know that the best way to start is to
get experience "on the field", making some network administration and
similar. Anyway, even if it could appear useless, I want to enrich my CV
with a certification. If you should suggest me something, what would you
consider the most appropriate to my situation?
I hope I was clear and not out of subject for the list.

Thanks a lot,

Angelo Perniola