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There are multiple areas that you need to consider to secure your

1. Securing Authentication into the applications
2. Securing Access control to resources in the application
3. Of course hardening the network and OS level is important too.

Netegrity plays a role in Authentication and Access control

Okena is at the host bases intrusion detection level puts checks at the OS
level by preventing an application from performing a set of tasks.

You will need to identify the areas that need most attention and select the
right product.

If you are trying to build the most secure application, then you might need
multiple products.


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Try Okena,

You can find it at


At 11:09 AM 3/31/2002 +0300, Idan Dolev wrote:
>We are looking into a product that will secure our application. Do you know
>where can I get a competitive analysis of the current products ?
>Pros and Cons for Appshile or Siteminder ?
>Best regards,
>Idan Dolev
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