Re: Ping weird

From: Seth McNish (
Date: 03/27/02

From: Seth McNish <>
To: Thiago Mello <>
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 03:23:02 -0800

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You may also will want to check out the following files -- assuming that
you're runnng *nix:

A quick find on google for these files will give you a little more insight.

- -Seth

On Tuesday 26 March 2002 07:55 am, Sumit Dhar wrote:
> Thus Spake Thiago Mello on Mar 23 :
> > ping: sendto: Operation not permitted
> > I know that sound stupid, but im would
> > like to know...
> What I would like you to do is login as root and see if you can still
> run the command. What might have happened is that you *might* have
> removed the setuid bit from the ping program.
> Can you post the output of ls -la /bin/ping ??
> Regards
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