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Date: 03/23/02

From: Art Tarsha <>
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Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 16:58:44 -0800

You may look into HIPPAA for the hospital portion it will give you alot of
information regarding security standards for healthcare.

Art T

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Subject: Thanks! (And help w/ security policies!)

Hey everybody...

Thanks so much for all your responses to my Comcast problem.
Incidentally, they called me back yesterday to confirm my service
cancellation (wouldn't talk to me for nothin' when it was about
them causing problems, but as soon as they're about to lose a dime
they're all over it...blech) and I gave 'em what-for. I know the
poor tech on the line probably didn't deserve it, but I gave it to
him anyway and made him write it down for his boss besides. So I
am somewhat vindicated, if not temporarily lacking home Net-
access. (Tho for the first time in my life I'm thinking, "thank
the gods for work!")

So hey, yesterday I got handed one of the coolest projects of my
life: I get to write a security policy! Have I done this
before? Hell no...but I'm sure I can, especially if you lovely
peeps and gurus out there will point me to some resources.

Specifically I'd like to see a template (if there is one; if there
isn't, a good example would do), and read some laws and guidelines
re: what's required, and what's a good idea. The business I'm
doing this for is a bit past the startup phase, but not much; and
their biz model relies heavily on being able to convince people
that their electronic info is secure (really secure; as in, they
envision courts and police stations and hospitals for clients).
Basically they're letting me do this for my own practice, and if I
do a good job, there's the possibility of a security job complete
with any training I want--so ANY info at all is helpful! (Feel
free to refer me to the archives if there's stuff there, but I've
already done the Google thing.)

Peace & Packets,
Sara T

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