Re: Nessus follow up question.

Date: 03/21/02

Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 16:11:57 -0500

On Wed, Mar 20, 2002 at 09:48:56AM -0800, Bejon Parsinia wrote:
> Here is what I would suggest. Definitely go with dual boot over a virtual
> OS installation. Why? I've used VMWare and I've used Virtual PC, neither
> of them allow any kind of real performance. Case in point, I have a P4 1.6
> GHz PC with 512 MB of RAM, the guest OS always ran poorly. No matter how I
> allocated my resources, I had next-to-zero performance.

I've got an Athlon 750 with 768 MB of RAM, and I've found VMWare 3.0
to work great. if you give the Guest OS a lot of RAM (in my case, 256
MB), it works fine. Multimedia stuff is a little choppy, but that's
about it. The Samba stuff always hit the machine a little hard, though
when loading a lot of different files (e.g. browsing a directory in
ACDSee with thumbnails turned on). When I had to do the ACDSee thing,
I eventually set up a fat32 drive for VMWare to read from raw, and it
got a lot better. Less disk-intensive stuff is unnoticable.

> Now, for my suggested software, take a look at Partition Magic (which comes
> with Bootmagic as I recall). This is a GREAT utility to have. It can
> perform NTFS-FAT32 FAT32-NTFS transitions and more. Not only that, but it
> handles disk partitioning much better than Windows does on any day of the
> week. A clear choice for partitioning your hard drive in my opinion. And,
> Bootmagic will definitely be a plus when you setup the dual boot. It is a
> commercial app, but it is one I have happily forked over the cash for.

I've always found lilo to be great on its own for the boot stuff. I love
PQMagic, but I prefer using the linux boot utils. Word of caution if you
use lilo and Partition Magic on the same machine: Anything that PQMagic
needs to reboot for and run while the machine is basically off-line,
will require re-running lilo to install it again, so keep a boot CD handy.


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