VPN and Cisco +IIOP question

From: Maxime Rapaille (maxime.rapaille@nbb.be)
Date: 03/08/02

From: "Maxime Rapaille" <maxime.rapaille@nbb.be>
To: "'Security-Basics (E-mail)'" <security-basics@securityfocus.com>
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 09:02:40 +0100

Dear listmembers,

2 questions on this great list : (And I already made search on google..
Hopefully on the right way.)

first one, Do you have any experience with VPN client (Software) compatible
with the Cisco IPsec VPN?
I already found the Cisco client itself, but we would like to have a panel
of product, in order to make a better choice.
I found Also the PGP VPN client, but not 100% sure he is compatible. Is the
Windows 2000 IPsec compatible ?
Any experience, link, feed-back, products info is really appreciated.

Second question is concerning the IIOP protocol.
Does some of you know a firewall/proxy, capable of handling this protocol ?
I know Firewall just know it, but does not proxy nor analyse it (like he
does for HTTP, SMTP, FTP).
I read about Gauntlet Firewall, but was no more able to find a paper or
precise Doc about it. Any other idea? Proposal, Links...?

Thanks a lot for all positive feed-back.

Have a great week-end all.



Maxime Rapaille
Data Security Management
National Bank of Belgium
Mail : maxime.rapaille@nbb.be

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